I think if they did that Trump would most definitely be removed from office.

Courtesy of CNN:

Donald Trump will go down in history as the third US president to be impeached. Yet no president has ever been convicted and removed from office as a result of impeachment, and it appears unlikely that Trump will be, either.

While no Republican senator has indicated he or she will vote for Trump’s removal, prominent members of the GOP like former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake claim that at least 35 would do so if they were allowed to cast their ballots in secret.

Republican strategist Juleanna Glover has made the case for a secret ballot, arguing that it would be surprisingly simple to accomplish. She contends that it would take just a few Republican senators to demand a secret ballot on the condition that they would approve the rest of the rules governing the trial. Senator Brian Schatz, a Democrat from Hawaii, regularly points this out to his Twitter followers — stating that it only takes “four votes for a fair trial.”

The idea of a secret ballot, however, is contrary to the norm of transparency that would be expected for such a monumental decision. And it raises the issue of just how accountable elected representatives should be to American voters.

The first thing that needs to be made crystal clear is that this will never happen. 

Not only would it betray the rules of the Senate, but Mitch McConnell would throw his body on a live grenade to keep it from happening. 

So this is really just a hypothetical argument with no connection to our reality.

However, having said that it is also interesting to note that it is becoming fairly obvious that if Republican Senators were protected from an attack by Trump that might cost them their bid for reelection that the vote to remove him from office would be a done deal. 

So the takeaway from this conversation is the realization that if only the Republicans were not such dedicated cowards, our country would be in far, far better shape.