Courtesy of Mother Jones:

Republicans have no plan for confronting climate change. Few national Republican politicians will even admit that it is a problem, let alone propose policy options for how to slash greenhouse gasses and prepare for the future. So while the Green New Deal debate has forced Democratic presidential contenders and congressional leaders into debating serious choices over policy, the Senate Republicans (with cues from President Trump) treat climate change like a joke.

Consider Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and his contribution to the debate today.

Republicans have repeatedly characterized the Green New Deal as “ridiculous.” In keeping with the light-hearted attitude to sea-level rise and existential threats, Lee showed a series of charts to show just how “ridiculous” he considers the Green New Deal to be. “There isn’t a single serious idea in here,” he said.

Lee then presented a series of charts to demonstrate how ridiculous he finds the idea of a Green New Deal. 

Yet in its place, he offered not one reasonable suggestion or plan for solving the problem of climate change. 

Because, like the other Republicans, he has no plan, and likely does not think there is a crisis which needs to be addressed. 

Those are your tax dollars at work folks. 

AOC saw this dog and pony show and responded with this:

You know the rule should be that if you do not have a better idea, that you just need to shut the fuck up about those who try to offer solutions.