So that’s the plan.

Courtesy of CNN:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to hold a final vote to acquit President Donald Trump, should he be impeached, when a majority of senators believe his trial has run its course instead of holding a vote on dismissing the articles of impeachment, two Republican senators told CNN on Wednesday.

Republicans want to have a vote on acquittal — to clear the President of the charges against him — not simply rely on a 51-vote threshold procedural motion to dismiss the hotly disputed case.

The Constitution mandates 67 votes are required to convict the President and remove him from office, a barrier widely considered too high to be reached in this case.


McConnell hinted at this strategy when he spoke to reporters on Tuesday and said the Senate would have two choices after hearing opening arguments from the House impeachment managers and the President’s defense counsel.

“It could go down the path of calling witnesses and basically having another trial or it could decide — and again, 51 members could make that decision — that they’ve heard enough and believe they know what would happen and could move to vote on the two articles of impeachment,” he said. “Those are the options. No decisions have been made yet.”

I think McConnell knows exactly what he is going to do and that he wants this whole impeachment thing over as soon as possible. 

Voting to acquit Trump would accomplish that, though of course in many ways that would be an admission of wrongdoing. 

If Trump were innocent, as the Republicans claim, then holding a trial in the Senate would allow them to make that case.

However if instead the Senate Republicans vote to acquit along party lines, that is essentially an admission that another trial would likely do more damage to Trump’s presidency, while the outcome would essentially be the same.  

If he does this Moscow Mitch McConnell will go down in history as the man who enabled Putin’s president to remain in power.