Violence is the language of e simple-minded. 

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

Self-proclaimed “Proud Boy” Anthony A. Raymond has been arrested for allegedly sending an anonymous email to a local newspaper threatening to bomb a polling place in North Dakota, according to The Grand Forks Herald. In the email to The Dickinson Press, Raymond wrote: “I will blow up the voting location in Stark Co,” police said. The email was signed by “The Proud Boys,” a reference to the far-right group. Dickinson Police Sgt. Joe Cianni said that his investigators traced the email’s IP address and determined Raymond was responsible for the email. “I think this is an isolated incident, and we don’t believe that anyone is in any immediate danger and can safely vote at any of the various polling locations located in Stark County or other jurisdictions within North Dakota and feel safe to be able to cast their vote,” Cianni said. The investigation is still ongoing and Raymond faces a C-Felony charge.

You know not every Trump supporter is necessarily a white supremacist domestic terrorist, but it does seem that every white supremacist domestic terrorist is a Trump supporter.