Jesus this idiot cannot even condemn white supremacists without trying to somehow make it about Hillary Clinton. 

Courtesy of Mediaite

Sean Hannity used a portion of his Monday night show to denounce White Supremacists, saying those who spread hatred and bigotry “have no place” in American society.

The condemnation came as Hannity talked about how Antifa clashed with far-right groups in Portland when both groups held rallies in the city over the weekend. Hannity directed his words to those carrying the extreme agendas of either group, saying “you must stop this insanity, this lawlessness.”

“Police need to stop this and end it and drop it right when it starts,” Hannity continued. “This kind of behavior is unacceptable. It’s insane, it’s despicable, it’s violent, its extremism and it’s hurting our country.”

After a predictable aside about Hillary Clinton for some reason, Hannity continued to decry situations where confrontation leads to violence.

“This show will always condemn hatred on any side. White supremacy, bigotry, you have no place in this society. None whatsoever. People chanting “What we want: dead cops. When do we want ’em: now!” You are radicals and you are hurting our country. You are putting the men and women that protect and serve us at risk. If you are a Antifa extremist, the same goes to you. What do they have in common? They are all tied to six, ugly, twisted, ideologies.”

So I guess my queston now is, “Now that Hannity is condemning white supremacists does this mean he is finished sucking up to Donald Trump?”

After all it is one thing to condemn the footsoldiers, but if you are going to ignore the leader than what have you really accomplished?