Sounds like a reasonable idea to me.

Courtesy of The Hill

Climate scientist Michael Mann is calling for a “world war-type” mobilization to address climate change.

“We do need a world-war type mobilization and that means putting in place incentives to move our economy as quickly as we can away from fossil fuels to renewable energy,” Mann, a scientist at Pennsylvania State University who is known for taking on climate skeptics, told Hill.TV in an interview that aired Wednesday.

“Now how we do that, there’s a legitimate policy debate to be had about how we do that but there isn’t a legitimate debate to be had anymore about the need to do that,” he added.

Mann warned that lawmakers should take immediate action, arguing that the Trump administration is actively seeking to dismantle 50 years of environmental protections put in place by both Democratic and Republican administrations.

He pointed to Trump’s rollback of the Clean Power Plan, a 2015 Obama-era policy aimed at combatting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, as an example.

Mann also argued that Trump is “committed to denying” climate change and has pushed to prevent the government from taking the issue into account when making policy decisions.

This is essentially what AOC’s Green New Deal suggests as well, and it is clearly way past time for an all-out effort on this scale. 

We are in an emergency and if we do not do something about this right now, there will literally be no time left for many of to act. 

Currently, I feel like I am reporting on this from the front line as my state bakes in temperatures we have never even seen before. 

I can only imagine what this is doing to the permafrost and glaciers up here right now.