I wondered when he would pop up in the news again.

Courtesy of Yahoo News:

Sarah Palin’s estranged husband Todd Palin was pulled over and cited by Alaska State Troopers, weeks after he filed for divorce.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Todd was driving around Alaska when he caught the attention of a trooper for speeding. The records show he was driving 10-19 MPH over the limit.

Todd was also cited for failing to show his proof of insurance.

I am surprised he was not cited for drunk driving,  I hear he drinks quite a lot these days. 

Driving without your insurance card certainly sounds like a rookie mistake for a guy who has driven vehicles around Alaska his entire adult life. 

Maybe he just has too much on his mind these days. 

I also heard of another Todd Palin encounter a week or so ago. 

Nothing really important to note other than it was at the compound and Sarah was nowhere to be seen. 

I have actually no idea where the Grizzled Mama is these days.