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Now you might at first wonder why Palin did not trot this photo out when all of these questions about her last pregnancy were swirling around during the McCain campaign?

I mean it certainly might have helped, right?

And then you might ask yourself why is she bringing this out now? 

My answer would be, “For attention.” 

Well let’s not disappoint her, shall we?

I guess the first question to ask is “does the newborn in the Instagram photo resemble the one in the photos we have seen before?”

And the answer to that is “Not really.”

Then we can ask if Palin herself looks to be the same age as she was in 2008?

I know what I think, but I will let all of you reach your own conclusions. 

Ultimately I think this is just another sad attempt to reinforce the Palin mythology that she traveled on a plane leaking amniotic fluid, drove sixty miles past at least two well-equipped hospitals to have a baby in a facility ill-equipped to facilitate the birth of a premature infant with special needs.


But I think most of us know the truth. 

Don’t we?