Time to play the victim.

Courtesy of Time:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she learned her husband was seeking a divorce in an email from his attorney.

The revelation came in an interview released Tuesday with James Dobson, founder of the Family Talk Christian ministry. He said the interview had been conducted previously.

Palin says she received an email June 19 from the attorney, almost three months before Todd Palin filed on his birthday in September.

She described the filing that came shortly after their 31st wedding anniversary as devastating.

Palin says they’re going through counseling and their marriage isn’t “over, over.” She says attorneys are “getting rich” off them.

First off there is no marriage left to be saved, let’s get that out of the way right now. 

Palin has been MIA from her marriage to Todd for over a decade, and even before that was only a casual participant. 

Todd did all of the parenting, while Sarah chased her political dreams, and spent decades cleaning up after his bad-tempered self involved, limelight seeking wife.

Don’t get me wrong, Todd was certainly no angel, but when it came to caring for the family and working on the marriage, he was essentially a one-man show. 

Right up until he decided not to show. 

In most of the accounts, I have heard Sarah was the one who was constantly threatening divorce, and it was Todd who either calmed her down or fled to his garage until she finished her rant.

Remember that in his book Levi said that they had never slept in the same bed the entire time that he was dating Bristol. 

Having said that I have litle doubt that Sarah would leave things just as they are, both living entirely separate lives just to frustrate folks like myself.

Clearly Todd is no longer interested in participating in a sham marriage.