Not sure if this is in response to the divorce or not, but it could be. 

Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Sarah Palin has sold a half-built house in Arizona for $6million after her divorce from husband Todd.

The unfinished four-bedroom and five-bathroom property nestled in Scottsdale, McDowell Mountains, still lacks doors, windows, a roof, and much more.

Yet it was sold on by a company linked to the former Alaskan governor, which may have been set up to protect her privacy, for $5.2million more than was paid four years ago.

The 7,660sq-ft building site still requires substantial work, with an infinity pool, spa, and elevator all planned, before it can be turned into a luxurious family home.

Now this article claims that Sarah and Todd are already divorced, but I don’t think that is accurate. At least not yet.

However the fact that this Safari LLC is connected to Palin is accurate, as revealed in an article from 2011.

Courtesy of The San Diego Union-Tribune

In an interview aired Tuesday night, the former Alaska governor told Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren that she is part of Safari Investments and it “has some property in Arizona now.”

“You know, many, many Alaskans purchase property in Arizona, Nevada and Texas,” Palin said from her bus that has been touring the East Coast. “I think we do that because not only are we good investors, and it’s a buyer’s market, but we like to thaw out once in a while.”

Now I don’t know much about real estate in Arizona, but selling an unfinished house for 5.2 million more than you paid for it four years ago sounds more than a little fishy. 

I mean, come on!

And that makes me wonder if this is some conservative PAC or think tank that is buying this house because they believe that Palin will be a lucrative investment moving forward, or if there are just suckers walking around Arizona waiting to be taken advantage of? 

I don’t know, but I do know that Palin has a particular talent for separating people from their money.