A little non-Trump news for you today.

Courtesy of Inquisitr

Sarah Palin has filed a counterclaim against estranged husband Todd Palin, who filed for divorce from her on August 29.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, Sarah filed her response to Todd’s divorce petition on September 20, but the contents of her filing are only now being made public. Even so, both Sarah and Todd have agreed to have their court records sealed, so many of the specifics will remain between the two of them, their attorneys, and the courts.

What is known is that Sarah filed a counterclaim; what that means is that Sarah is claiming that not all of Todd’s allegations in his divorce petition are true. What those claims are, beyond Todd’s broad allegation of “incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife,” remain unclear. Also unclear are the specifics of how and why she disagrees with Todd’s claims.

I know that both Sarah and Todd have agreed to keep these documents secret, but I have to think that Todd has an ace up his sleeve with the possiblity of leaking embarrassing things to the press if she does not play ball.

Since I am sure that Todd intends to live his life far from public scrutiny he has nothing really to lose if a scandal or two comes out.

However I would imagine that Sarah still harbors some hope that she can reinvent herself at some point and once again make a little money off of her notoriety.

That is not at all far fetched since you might remember that when Todd’s attorney Kimberlee Colbo was representing Bristol’s former husband Dakota Meyer that was how she kept that bitch in line.