Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Sarah Palin hit back at critics who slammed her daughter Bristol for promoting a controversial weight loss tea with a snapshot of herself showing off her tiny frame in a sports bra and leggings.

Bristol, 28, has been a Teami partner for years and most recently credited the brand’s skinny tea with helping her lose weight after giving birth to her third child, Atlee Bay, in 2017.

The mother-of-three’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of her posing with her Teami tumbler, often with her children. In her latest post, she is flashing her trim stomach while holding up her sponsored beverage.

‘Oh lord,’ one critic wrote, causing a firestorm in the comments section of the post.

‘I just think it’s sad when people promote these products. 1) I’m sure she works hard to look this great and 2) they are a complete waste of money and 100% ineffective,’ the woman explained.

When someone sarcastically thanked her for her ‘expert opinion,’ the Instagram user went on to accuse Bristol of Photoshopping her image to make herself look thinner.

This proved too much for the Grizzled Mama who clapped back with this:

Look I don’t know about any photoshopping, but I do know that Bristol has had a number of plastic surgeries and that these weight loss products are for shit. 

Literally, they are for shitting yourself thin.