Sinful. Doesn’t matter your opinion of POTUS, you must admit manipulated news video = immoral, illegal, signs-of-the-times. (And yes, I’ll keep calling out fake news as I have for over a decade now (both sides of aisle!) #NoWonderPalinGotCannedByFoXNews, even while seeking re-employment in the business. Will use my journalism degree to CLEAN IT UP.)

I have to admit I am torn.

As somebody who occasionally still writes about the Palins, this does give me more to work with, however as somebody who also supports journalism in this country hasn’t that profession suffered enough?

And what is with this hashtag #NoWonderPalinGotCannedByFoXNews?

Is she suggesting that she was too professional as a journalist for Fox News?

Because if so that is pretty laugh out loud funny.