It’s been awhile since we last looked in on our favorite dysfunctional family.

Courtesy of The Blast:

Sarah Palin is set to faceoff with her estranged husband Todd in a divorce trial.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, an Alaska judge has scheduled the trial to begin on April 6, 2020. The battle is expected to last a total of four days.

The trial date was set the same day Todd Palin responded to Sarah’s counterclaim. Based on court records, it appears the two have been unable to resolve all issues in their divorce.

April 6? Well that is a hell of a long time from now. 

But a four day long court battle certainly sounds interesting.  

I wonder if they will call witnesses? 

I imagine that the Palins will try to keep the press out, but ultimately that is up to the judge. 

Even if by some miracle the press are permitted in the courtroom I am dead certain that I personally will be blocked at the door. 

After all it would not be the first time I was escorted out of a public building.