For some reason, Roy Moore took great offense at that bit and filed a 95 million dollar lawsuit against Showtime and Sacha Baron Cohen. 

Here is the latest courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

Sacha Baron Cohen and Showtime Networks have convinced a D.C. federal judge that the $95 million defamation lawsuit brought by Roy Moore belongs in New York.

The decision to transfer the case isn’t the end of Moore’s suit contending he was duped into appearing Who Is America, where Cohen famously pointed a device at the controversial former Alabama judge to purportedly detect a sex offender. But the ruling, issued at an oral hearing on Monday morning, could be a good sign for the defendants.

In response to the defamation claims, Showtime and Cohen pointed to a consent agreement that Moore had signed in connection with his appearance on the satirical series. This agreement included a forum selection clause that stipulated that disputes would be adjudicated in New York. The same agreement may ultimately absolve defendants if a judge holds that Moore waived legal claims, but that will be a decision for the future.

Moore claims that the consent agreement is null and void because he was defrauded. 

Essentially he is just pissed because he was mocked on national TV, which to my mind is something he should get used to since he was mocked by pretty much everyone while he was running for office. 

It is hard for me to imagine that Moore will have any more luck in New York since that is a place which will have very little sympathy for the likes of Roy Moore.