Sure, happens all of the time, right?

Courtesy of the CBC:

With Kremlin-critic and anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny fighting for his life in a German hospital, Russia’s state media has rushed to provide alternate theories and far-fetched explanations about how a toxic nerve agent may have gotten into his system.

German doctors who have been treating Navalny at the Charité hospital in Berlin said Monday they believe he was deliberately poisoned with some type of cholinesterase inhibitor, which functions as a nerve agent.

He was airlifted to the German capital after collapsing in agony during a flight over Siberia last Friday. In a video posted on social media, he could be heard screaming from the aircraft’s washroom.

In the aftermath of the damning conclusion of poisoning, Kremlin-friendly voices are suggesting the diagnosis is either flawed, or faked, or even that someone on board the German air ambulance gave the toxin to Navalny as he was being flown to Berlin.

Some of the most outrageous claims about the incident have come from a top Russian doctor, Igor Molchanov, who has been spearheading the nation’s coronavirus response.

He said the nerve agent could have gotten into Navalny’s system after he was flown out of Russia and that as part of his treatment he “received a bunch of drugs that can give similar traces,” reported the state TASS news agency.

In other comments, he suggested Navalny himself was likely to blame for his condition.

“A young politician wanted to improve his working capacity and memory, took a large dose of pills, then didn’t eat, drank too much and overdose! Can this be?” he wrote in a social media post.

Yeah, people are constantly poisoning themselves just to vilify Russia. 

It’s just like all of those journalists and dissidents who throw themselves out of the windows just to make Putin look bad. 

This is what happens when the state runs the media. All of this shit gets swept under the rug or normalized. 

And don’t think that Trump is not trying to do the same damn thing here in America. 

Speaking of Trump he has yet to say anything about this guy getting poisoned.