Why does the military support him again?

Courtesy of WaPo:

The Trump administration has for nearly two years ignored mounting evidence that Russian operatives and other foreign actors were deliberately targeting U.S. troops and veterans with online disinformation amplified on a massive scale, a leading veterans group said.

American veterans and service members enjoy a high degree of social respect, and ongoing manipulation campaigns aimed at them could be weaponized to sow social discord in their communities, Vietnam Veterans of America warned officials at the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments in March 2018, among other agencies.

But those agencies have brushed off VVA since they were presented with evidence that eventually became a detailed report and congressional testimony, said Kristofer Goldsmith, the veteran service organization’s chief investigator.

And their plea to President Trump for help has similarly been ignored, Goldsmith said — suggesting the problem may be perceived as too complex or politically fraught for U.S. officials concerned to cross Trump, who has downplayed Russia’s role in election interference.

“It’s easy to say ‘let’s send Javelins to Ukraine.’ People get that,” Goldsmith told The Washington Post. “It’s much more difficult for the secretary of VA to say ‘this is our plan to educate 9 million veterans who use our health care on how to spot a deep fake or falsified news.’ ”

VVA reached out directly to the Trump Administration for help on this, but so far has received no response. 

But that makes sense doesn’t it?

After all Trump has shown absolutely no desire to interfere with Russia’s attempts to undermine our elections or influence our citizens, so this just follows the same pattern of letting Putin do whatever the hell he wants just so long as he helps Trump get a second term. 

Once these veterans recognize that Trump works for the Kremlin and not for them, they will understand that they are all on their own.