Oh, this is good.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

With Joe Biden declared America’s newest president-elect, darkness descended over Russian state media this week.

Pro-Kremlin news anchors, pundits and experts have long dreaded former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, having described it as “the worst scenario for Russia.” As their nightmare became an inevitable reality, Russian state television shows were permeated with angry faces and raw emotions.

“Nothing will ever be the same… What are we witnessing? What is the world coming to? Not only this country, but the world?” mournfully asked Evgeny Popov, the host of Russian state media show 60 Minutes. Panelists in the studio grimly outlined the bevy of consequences Biden’s presidency may mean for the Kremlin.

The Russians have every right to be worried about a Biden presidency.

Not only have they lost their puppet but now they are up against a man who understands them for who they are and who will be more than happy to apply more sanctions when necessary and to hold them accountable for any election interference or attempts to spy on our people. 

Does anybody else find it interesting that the only two groups who seem to be really upset that Trump lost are the Republicans and the Russians?

Just a thought.