Wait, what’s happening?

Courtesy of the AP:

The Kremlin says Russia will gratefully accept U.S. President Donald Trump’s offer to provide ventilators for coronavirus patients.

Trump said Wednesday the U.S. was ready to send ventilators to Russia, saying “they’re having a hard time in Moscow. We’re going to help them.” He added the U.S. also stands ready to provide ventilators to other countries, including Italy, Spain and France.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov hailed Trump’s offer as “very positive,” saying in Thursday’s call with reporters that “Russia will certainly accept the kind offer if necessary.”

Russia has registered 27,938 coronavirus cases and 232 deaths. Officials have scrambled to secure ventilators and other essential supplies amid an exponential growth in infections.

Okay, don’t we have hosptials in America that are currently running out of ventilators and are reduced to having patients share them? 

Why in the hell would we volunteer to give Russia ventilators if we are running low and the number of Cornoavirus cases continues to rise? 

Oh that’s right, because Donald Trump does not work for America, he works for Russia. 

In all of this pandemic excitement I almost forgot.