Really wish Russia would fuck the hell off.

Courtesy of NYT:

The Russian government has stepped up efforts to inflame racial tensions in the United States as part of its bid to influence November’s presidential election, including trying to incite violence by white supremacist groups and to stoke anger among African-Americans, according to seven American officials briefed on recent intelligence.

Russia’s lead intelligence agency, the S.V.R., has apparently gone beyond 2016 methods of interference, when operatives tried to stoke racial animosity by creating fake Black Lives Matter groups and spreading disinformation to depress black voter turnout. Now, Russia is also trying to influence white supremacist groups, the officials said; they gave few details, but one official said federal investigators are examining how at least one neo-Nazi organization with ties to Russia is funded.

Other Russian efforts, which American intelligence agencies have tracked, involve simply prodding white nationalists to more aggressively spread hate messages and amplifying their invective. Russian operatives are also trying to push black extremist groups toward violence, according to multiple officials, though they did not detail how.

Russia’s more public influence operations, like state-backed news organizations, have continued to push divisive racial narratives, including stories emphasizing allegations of police abuse in the United States and highlighting racism against African-Americans within the military.

And as social media companies more vigilantly monitor for foreign activity than they did in 2016, Russia has also adjusted its methods to evade detection. Rather than disseminate messages as widely as possible, as in 2016, Russian operatives are using private Facebook groups, posts on the online message board 4chan and closed chat rooms that are more difficult to monitor, according to intelligence officials.

I think that last part is important to remember here on IM.

I don’t typically mention it but I do a whole lot of screeening here on the old website to keep some of the more obvious trolls from inciting anger and divisiveness among our visitors. 

I think sometimes it is informative, and even helpful to let some comments through, but there are a whole lot that I kick to the curb. 

They really seem focused on trying to convince us that Joe Biden is a tool of the establishment, and that Democrats only use black people for their votes and never do anything to actually help them. 

That last part of course ignores the fact that there are a number of African American Democrats holding office right now, and they certainly have a say over where the party’s efforts should be focused. 

I think moving forward all of us should eye certain comments suspiciously and always keep in mind that the only way to defeat the Democrats is to make them turn on each other.