Of course, this will not change a thing about how the White House responds to the Coronavirus, or keep Giuliani from fighting for Trump to remain in office. 

Courtesy of Politico:

Andrew Giuliani, a special assistant to President Donald Trump and the son of Rudy Giuliani, announced Friday that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

Giuliani received his results Friday morning, he wrote on Twitter, and reported “experiencing mild symptoms.” He also wrote that he was “following all appropriate protocols, including being in quarantine and conducting contact tracing.”

Giuliani told POLITICO in a text message that he had “not heard from anyone else who has tested positive at this point.”

Giuliani is the latest of numerous Trump administration and campaign officials to have become infected over the course of the pandemic, across three separate White House outbreaks. It is unclear whether he contracted Covid-19 in his capacity as an aide to the president.

I really don’t want anybody to get sick and die from this virus, but maybe at Thanksgiving if Andrew discreetly coughed on his father that would not be such a bad thing.

Would it? 

I know, I know, I’m going to hell.