It looks like Bat-boy has thin skin.

Courtesy of The Hill:

Rudy Giuliani said Monday that lawyers have told him to sue Fox News host Steve Hilton for libel over comments in which he urged President Trump to sever ties with his personal attorney.

Giuliani accused Hilton of showing a “reckless disregard for the truth” while saying on a Fox News Sunday evening broadcast that the former New York City mayor pursued financial deals in Ukraine while simultaneously requesting investigations to benefit Trump.

Hilton, the host of “The Next Revolution,” also denounced Giuliani as an “unethical disaster” and accused him of “trying to enrich himself on the back of his relationship with Trump.”

In a series of tweets early Monday, Giuliani claimed that he has never “taken a penny” while representing Trump.

“Since representing Trump I have considered and turned down all deals in Ukraine, even those not presenting a conflict,” he said. “Lawyers tell me Hilton is a wild card and I should sue him for libel.”

This Steve Hilton guy is a true douchebag, but he is not wrong about Giuliani. 

Of course, kicking Giuliani to the curb will not change much because Trump himself is a walking talking dumpster fire. 

And besides Rudy has that insurance policy, remember?