And I bet he will too.

Courtesy of NPR:

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, says the president should not back away from investigating Joe Biden even after Trump’s expected acquittal Wednesday by the U.S. Senate.

“Absolutely, 100%,” Giuliani told NPR’s Steve Inskeep in an interview Tuesday. “I would have no problem with him doing it. In fact, I’d have a problem with him not doing it. I think he would be saying that Joe Biden can get away with selling out the United States, making us a fool in the Ukraine.”

The former New York City mayor has emerged as a pivotal figure in the events that ultimately resulted in Trump’s impeachment in December by the House of Representatives and his Senate trial, which will almost certainly end Wednesday with Trump’s acquittal.

Giuliani called the president’s expected acquittal “a total vindication.”


Giuliani says there is a long record of corruption orchestrated by Biden that goes back at least as far back as two decades. Biden’s role in Ukraine, he said, needs further investigation.

“I believe that it would be one of the great corrupt events in American history if this case is not investigated at the highest levels of two governments” — the United States and Ukraine, he said.

Well we know that Trump has an enemies list on which Joe Biden is featured prominently so I have little doubt that he will take his laywer’s advice.

At this point I cannot imagine how much worse all this will get, but I certainly know that it will get much worse. 

Trump feels bullet proof right now, and an insane man with a Superman complex should terrify virtually everyone.