Courtesy of Mediaite:

Rudy Giuliani had another zany TV interview where he called Marie Yovanovitch a “crook,” demonized George Soros again and directed Fox News’ audience to go watch One America News Network (OAN).

Speaking to Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night, Giuliani argued that former Vice President Joe Biden’s a “crook” and called House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler a “jackass” helping Biden cover up a “massive scandal.” When Pirro repeatedly asked him for the evidence of his claims, Giuliani claimed that “I got the evidence, I’ve been showing them the evidence for months.”

“I put out the evidence in April, I put it out in March, it was ignored! You saw it on television, on Fox. You saw [Viktor] Shokin testify. It was just on OANN! It gets censored! You don’t want to look at the evidence! It’s out there.”

Giuliani added, “Go look at the OAN (sic), and then watch my podcast.”

Pirro seemed in a haste to move on as Giuliani claimed “they attempted to murder [Shokin].”

Victor Shokin, by the way, is the former Ukraine prosecutor who was shit canned for being corrupt, and this is the guy that Rudy Giuliani is using to build his case to smear the Bidens?

No wonder Pirro cut him off. 

Gee, I cannot imagine why Trump did not choose Rudy as part of his impeachment defense team.

After all he is just as unhinged as his client.