How long have we been hearing about this evidence now?

Courtesy of The Week:

Rudy Giuliani has a fresh crop of claims about Democrats’ dealings in Ukraine — an iPad full of “proof” he won’t let anyone else see.

The former New York City mayor made a Fox Business appearance on Thursday night to push any corruption in Ukraine on Democrats’ shoulders. “They’re going to be very surprised when they see the report that I have” apparently revealing an “unaccounted for” $5.3 billion in Ukraine aid during the Obama administration, Giuliani said, not exactly specifying who “they” are. That aid gap apparently explains “how all those oligarchs become oligarchs,” Giuliani said, making some chomping noises and motions to imitate his interpretation of how money is laundered.

Giuliani goes on to mention this mysterious report over and over, which apparently shows how “not just” the Bidens engaged in a “huge Democratic scam” in Ukraine. “That’s why they’re so crazy on the subject of Ukraine, and why they want to literally kill me,” Giuliani said of Democrats, without any proof of this murderous plot. “I don’t think it. I can prove it,” Giuliani claimed again before breaking out a tablet containing a “document” that does just that — not that he actually shows it to the audience.

If, and this is a big if, Rudy Giuliani had the evidence that he claims to have in his possession Donald Trump would be trumpeting far and wide about new investigations into the Bidens by the Justice Department all over Twitter and Fox News. 

Rudy has literally been making the same claims for almost a year now, and so far no real evidence has been produced to prove that he is not making the whole thing up.

Thanks to Lindsey Graham, Giuliani now has an open invitation to share is “evidence” with Bill Barr and the Justice Department and still we have seen nothing. 

And all of this just seems that much more pathetic when we see that Biden is not even breaking the top three in the most recent primaries. 

It seems as if Trump and Giulaini are wasting all of the resources, and all of this Fox News airtime, to attack a guy who will likely never be the candidate that Trump faces in November. 

Perhaps Giuliani should start trying to dig up dirt on Amy Klobuchar instead?