Well, it looks like somebody’s about to get their parole revoked

Courtesy of NBC News:

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan say that Lev Parnas, the indicted associate and client of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, lied to them about his assets and should be jailed pending trial.

Parnas had told the Justice Department officials responsible for making arrangements for bail after his October arrest that he and his wife had about $450,000 in total assets and income, prosecutors said in a Manhattan federal court filing Wednesday night. In actuality, prosecutors said, Parnas had more than three times that amount — including a $1 million payment from a Russian bank account in September of 2019.

“Parnas’s considerable ties abroad, seemingly limitless access to foreign funds, lack of candor with Pretrial Services about his assets, nature and circumstances of the offense, and powerful incentives to flee show that Parnas is a significant flight risk,” prosecutors’ court filing says.

Parnas was initially held on $1 million bond, but that amount was lowered when Parnas’ lawyer said he couldn’t pay it. He was eventually released to home confinement with electronic monitoring on $200,000 bond.

Parnas had asked the judge for less restrictive terms of confinement and monitoring pending trial earlier this month, which the government suggested might have been part of a plan to flee the country.

Wait, the Russians were paying Parnas while he worked with Rudy Giuliani in attempt to shift blame for 2016 election interference from Russia to Ukraine?

Oh yeah, he needs to go back to prison.

And then somebody needs to ask him some very pointed questions.