Sure, that should help, Joe Biden.

Courtesy of Axios:

Roger Stone told Axios in a phone interview that he plans to write and speak for President Trump’s re-election now that Stone “won’t die in a squalid hellhole of corona-19 virus.”

“I’m asthmatic,” said Stone, 67. “Sending me to a prison where I could not be socially distanced … would, I think, be a death sentence.”

Stone said he’ll continue to follow one of his “Stone’s Rules”: “I will do anything necessary to elect my candidate, short of breaking the law.”

“First, I’m going to write a book about this entire ordeal to, once and for all, put to bed the myth of Russian collusion.”
I asked Stone about Peter Baker’s New York Times analysis saying that in keeping Stone out of prison, Trump crossed a line that even Richard Nixon “in the depths of Watergate dared not cross. … Nixon resigned … without using his pardon pen.”

Stone replied that the Friday evening commutation — for obstruction, witness tampering and false statements to Congress — shows Trump “has an enormous sense of fairness and justice and mercy.”

Stone flatly predicted Trump will win, despite the bleak outlook:

“It’ll be a very tough fight. He’s got three obstacles: voter fraud … internet censorship, which I have just recently experienced myself; and, of course, the constant falsehoods being pushed by the corporate-owned mainstream media. Those all make it a difficult race.”

I don’t like Roger stone being so confident that Trump will win. 

The last time he was that confident he was working with the Russian through Wikileaks to make sure that Trump won. 

When asked how he could be so sure of a Trump victory, this is what he said:

“I know more about it than anybody else.”

It would seem almost impossible with everybody paying attention for Trump, Putin, and Stone to do what they did last time, but I am still more than a little concerned. 

One would think that having Roger Stone working to promote the Trump campaign would be a constant reminder of how unethical the Trump presidency has been for the last three and a half years. 

But nowadays with everything so topsy turvy I am not at all sure, it will make any real difference, especially if Stone is still up to his old tricks. 

I really would feel much better if he were safely locked behind bars come November.