I categorize this as good news. 

Courtesy of The Hill:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will remain at the Justice Department longer than expected after initially planning to leave in mid-March, according to several media reports.

Rosenstein was widely expected to leave the department by the middle of this month after Attorney General William Barr’s confirmation.

Barr took control of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference from Rosenstein after Barr replaced former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had recused himself from overseeing the probe in 2017.

Shortly thereafter, Rosenstein said his time at the DOJ was “coming to an end” in a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania.

But Mueller’s probe, which is widely expected to end soon, is continuing — and so is Rosenstein’s time at the Justice Department.

So much for the Mueller investigation wrapping up any time soon.

The article goes on to report that Rosenstein remains the main liaison between the JusticeDepartment and the Special Counsel. 

I think at the end of all of this we will owe Rod Rosenstein our undying gratitude for sticking it out and making sure that the investigation did not get sabotaged or shut down. 

The man has been working in very challenging conditions while at the same time weathering a barrage of attacks from the guy in the Oval Office. 

Not everybody could have stuck it out, but clearly, Rod Rosenstein is not everybody.