Rod Rosenstein criticizes James Comey for being a partisan.

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Was he looking in the mirror when he said that?

Courtesy of Politico:

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein criticized former FBI Director James Comey for becoming a “partisan pundit” in the two years since he was fired by President Donald Trump in 2017.

In some of Rosenstein’s first extended remarks since officially leaving the Justice Department last week, the former deputy attorney general called Comey’s dismissal, which set off a firestorm in Washington and resulted in the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, “reasonable under the circumstances,” citing Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Rosenstein, who authored the memo that the Trump administration initially held up as the reason for Comey’s firing, said that the president did not tell him what to put in that memo. And he said that though he didn’t dislike Comey — “On the contrary, I admired him personally,” Rosenstein said — the former FBI director crossed certain “bright lines” that were “not within the realm of reasonable decisions.”

“I would be the last one to condemn anyone for a judgment call,” Rosenstein said in remarks to the Greater Baltimore Committee’s annual meeting. “These jobs are difficult. They involve choices that invite criticism.”

Still, the former deputy attorney general said “the clearest mistake” Comey made was his decision to announce his personal recommendation about the investigation into Clinton’s private email server in a press conference where he discussed “details about the investigation without the informed consent of the prosecutors and the attorney general.” He also criticized Comey for his letter to lawmakers in the 2016 campaign’s final days informing them Clinton’s email investigation had been reopened.

The problem with what Rosenstein is saying here is that it sounds perfectly reasonable that Comey might have been reprimanded, or even fired, by the Justice Department for his handling of the Clinton email debacle. 

In fact, liberals might even applaud that.

However, we all know that is not why Comey was fired. 

Comey was fired because he refused to end the FBI’s Russia investigation and their investigation of Michael Flynn, who Trump had mentioned by name to the former head of the FBI. 

And Rosenstein knows that. 

As for Comey being a partisan at this stage of his life, at least he was not a sellout who provided cover for one party over another while still working for the government like some people we could mention.  

I think with this article Rod Rosenstein has lost the last shred of any credibility that he might have enjoyed at one point. 

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  1. nanna May 14, 2019 at 1:09 pm

    FWIW I agree with him- I’ve never cared for Bigmouth Comey- but then I’m not an unemployed Trumper.

    There must be something in it for him.

    • Anonymous in Chicago May 14, 2019 at 2:40 pm

      I agree that Comey should have kept his mouth shut about whether Clinton was under an FBI investigation, but I never trusted Rosenstein, either. I think Rosenstein is a political hack who kisses whomever’s ass happens to be his boss. I don’t believe that Rosenstein knows what the phrase, “Speak Truth to Power” really means – Comey gets it when it comes to Trump.

  2. Anonymous May 14, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    I think all of those men were judases for trump. They have no integrity. Anyone that cowtows for trump is contaminated and that includes his base. Theres no buying back your souls on trump, folks so careful. America may never get her soul back.

  3. Anonymous May 14, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    I really want to know what kind of voodoo hex trump has put on all these men. They know he is corrupt and they continue to do his bidding.

    As for becoming a “partisan pundit” … partisan for whom, since Comey helped trump win with the Hillary email statement before the election. Now he is criticizing trump, too little too late.

  4. KaJo503 May 14, 2019 at 4:43 pm

    “…at least he was not a sellout who provided cover for one party over another while still working for the government like some people we could mention.”

    I’m not so sure Comey wasn’t actually a sellout to rogue FBI agents from the NY FBI office where a group of rabidly anti-Clinton agents busied themselves leaking biased information to Washington DC.

    I think he caved to the pressure from the NY FBI rogue agents, announcing a re-opening of the Clinton investigation without a “fair and balanced” simultaneous release of investigative findings about the Trump campaign. No, THAT information came out only after the election was “won” by Trump.

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