Robert Mueller to examine Trump’s tweets for signs of obstructionism.

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What do we think, four or five seconds before he finds some?

Courtesy of NYT:

For years, President Trump has used Twitter as his go-to public relations weapon, mounting a barrage of attacks on celebrities and then political rivals even after advisers warned he could be creating legal problems for himself.

Those concerns now turn out to be well founded. The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, is scrutinizing tweets and negative statements from the president about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, according to three people briefed on the matter.

Several of the remarks came as Mr. Trump was also privately pressuring the men — both key witnesses in the inquiry — about the investigation, and Mr. Mueller is examining whether the actions add up to attempts to obstruct the investigation by both intimidating witnesses and pressuring senior law enforcement officials to tamp down the inquiry.

Mr. Mueller wants to question the president about the tweets. His interest in them is the latest addition to a range of presidential actions he is investigating as a possible obstruction case: private interactions with Mr. Comey, Mr. Sessions and other senior administration officials about the Russia inquiry; misleading White House statements; public attacks; and possible pardon offers to potential witnesses.

The Trump lawyers are cockily suggesting that none of what Mueller is focusing on right now suggests obstructionism, clearly because Trump’s lawyers have not been paying attention to how Mueller likes to circle his prey and lull them into a false sense of security, before swimming in for the kill. 

But seriously, is there any evidence of attempts to obstruct justice in Trump’s tweets?

Let’s examine a sample.

Now I’m not a lawyer, but yeah I think some of those might be quite problematic.

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  1. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 4:47 am

    Looks like Cohen’s been singing like a bird as well. He’s said Trump knew of the infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians. Not that anyone with half a brain would doubt that.

  2. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 6:45 am

    Microsoft Says Russia Has Already Tried to Hack 3 Campaigns in the 2018 Election

    A group of hackers believed to be tied to Russia’s military have launched spear-phishing campaigns against at least three candidates running for election in 2018, a Microsoft executive said Thursday.

    Tom Burt, a vice president for customer security at Microsoft, said at the Aspen Security Forum that security researchers at the company discovered the phishing campaigns, tracing them to a group widely believed in the threat-intelligence community to be run by the GRU, the Russian military intelligence agency that hacked into DNC email accounts and leaked their emails.

    Burt didn’t disclose the names of the candidates targeted by the hackers, but said they were running for reelection and added, “They were all people who, because of their positions, might have been interesting targets from an espionage standpoint as well as an election disruption standpoint.”

  3. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 6:49 am

    Poor Mueller, hope he has a few bottles of excederin on hand.
    Reading trump’s tweets is worse than waterboarding.

    • Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 7:15 am

      Excedrine? He’ll probably need fentanyl after reading all Trump’s crap!

  4. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 6:53 am

    BREAKING: Russian government announces opening of a new criminal case against me and various US officials involved in the creation of the Magnitsky Act and the investigation into Russian organized money laundering in US connected to Magnitsky case

  5. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 6:55 am

    BREAKING: Russian government announces opening of a new criminal case against me and various US officials involved in the creation of the Magnitsky Act and the investigation into Russian organized money laundering in US connected to Magnitsky case

    So help me understand this, the Russian government considers it a crime to be involved in the creation of the Magnitsky Act? So they will indict @BarackObama too, since he signed it into law? Surely, even Putin’s regime is not that crazy. Can Russian speakers help clarify?

  6. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 7:03 am

    Donald Trump’s antics in Helsinki have set off a confluence of conservative resistance — often led by some of the Republicans most reticent to criticize the president in the past — that finds him in an unfamiliar state: virtually all alone in his attempt to frame his obvious retreat as a victory.

    Republican resistance to Trump growing, from Helsinki to the heartland: Will it make any difference?
    The blowback to Trump’s bluster begins to snowball. Is the Republican rebellion real this time?

  7. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 7:05 am

    ‘Stupid and unfair!’ Trump freaks out because Mueller may use his own tweets to nail him

    Donald Trump on Friday raged against reports that special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly looking at his own past tweets to see if they can help him prove an intent to obstruct justice in the Russia probe.

    “Arrived back in Washington last night from a very emotional reopening of a major U.S. Steel plant in Granite City, Illinois, only to be greeted with the ridiculous news that the highly conflicted Robert Mueller and his gang of 13 Angry Democrats obviously cannot find Collusion, the only Collusion with Russia was with the Democrats, so now they are looking at my Tweets (along with 53 million other people) – the rigged Witch Hunt continues!” the president complained. “How stupid and unfair to our Country.”

  8. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 7:17 am

    Exclusive: Kimberly Guilfoyle Left Fox News After Investigation Into Misconduct Allegations, Sources Say

    …Six sources said Guilfoyle’s behavior included showing personal photographs of male genitalia to colleagues (and identifying whose genitals they were), regularly discussing sexual matters at work and engaging in emotionally abusive behavior toward hair and makeup artists and support staff.

  9. ANON July 27, 2018 at 7:25 am

    ““I’ve spoken to Allen about how to set the whole thing up,” Cohen said on the September 2016 recording. “I spoke to Allen about it, when it comes time for the financing. …”

    The latest development has prompted speculation that Weisselberg might have a lot more dirt on Donald Trump than Michael Cohen.”
    ““The template for this is the Godfather movie,” ” He went on to explain that in many cases accountants who handle the money know the most dirt.”

  10. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 7:31 am

    Tom Arnold is trying to find the tapes that will take down Trump for a new TV show
    Yes, that Tom Arnold. Yes, that Trump.

    Viceland series The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold

    • anon July 27, 2018 at 8:02 am

      “Tom Arnold, whose stated motivation for making the show is that he didn’t think a man like himself (a.k.a. older and a little bit foggy when it comes to details) should be president.”
      Arnold minced few words: “It’s because white people are pussies.”

      ” Mark Burnett could end the Trump presidency in a second, but he maybe might be compromised by Putin” ” particularly because Burnett is heavily tied to the evangelical Christian community. (Arnold believes that if Burnett got up on the dais at a prayer breakfast to say that Trump is not a Christian, people would listen to him, which ignores all the times such declarations have been made within the evangelical church by literal pastors and other spiritual leaders, but maybe I’m underestimating evangelicals’ love of the producer of Survivor.

      Anyway, Arnold briefly floated the idea that because Burnett once tried to make a TV show with Vladimir Putin in 2001 — a project that Arnold erroneously claimed had actually progressed to being a real TV show — Burnett could also be compromised by Putin and is possibly the missing link in the long chain of espionage linking Trump to the Russian president.” {sarahplzpeeonme}

      ~IT! would be a fitting capstone to baby boomers’ longstanding relationship with television, a medium that has guided them from childhood all the way into their older years. “

    • Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 8:11 am
  11. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 7:35 am

    John Bolton’s complete reversal on Russia, in one tweet
    Bolton before Trump: Russia’s election interference is “an act of war.” Bolton with Trump: Mueller’s Russia probe is a “witch hunt.”

    …But the New Yorker’s Susan Glasser summed up perfectly why Bolton’s statement was so stunning — and alarming.

    • anon July 27, 2018 at 7:45 am

      89 Times $O far>” “The president believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should take place after the Russia witch hunt is over,” Bolton said, “so we’ve agreed that it will be after the first of the year.”

      The key words there, in case you missed them, are “witch hunt.”

      ‘Reminder: last year John Bolton called the Russian election interference “an act of war.”

      Now as national security adviser he puts out an official statement calling investigation of said act of war “witch hunt.”
      11:17 AM – Jul 25, 2018’

      “As Glasser mentions in her tweet, Bolton referred to Russia’s interference in the 2016 US election as “a true act of war, and one Washington will never tolerate,” last July.”

  12. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 7:37 am

    Sean Spicer’s book misleads about 2 events Mueller is investigating
    Spicer’s narrative of the Flynn and Comey firings omits certain events.

    As White House press secretary, Sean Spicer had an up-close view of two events central to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation: the firings of Michael Flynn and James Comey.

    And Spicer’s narrative of these events in his new book, The Briefing, is revealing — because of what it leaves out. The book’s passages describing Flynn and Comey’s firings are misleading and incomplete, and the description of Flynn’s firing contains several sloppy errors.

  13. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 8:03 am

    ‘I will not be intimidated’: McCaskill Responds to Russian Hacking Report

  14. Anonymous July 27, 2018 at 8:16 am

    Meghan McCain: If Not For Trump, I Would Not Have Gotten Married

    “I have this theory ’cause I got together with my husband very quickly, which I never do,” she said. “We moved in very quickly. I have this theory that Trump’s America makes everything more intense and heightened, because we’re always talking about the threat of nuclear war and we want to be nurtured by each other.”

    “For real, I would not have gotten together with my husband if Trump didn’t become the nominee and weren’t running for president,” she added. “A hundred percent.”

    “At the RNC when he accepted the nomination, I cried and cried and cried to him in an SUV back to our hotel room, and he got me P.F. Chang’s and I thought, maybe I can marry this guy.”


    • anon July 27, 2018 at 8:32 am

      ” we’re always talking about the threat of nuclear war and we want to be nurtured by each other.”<$BM.

  15. Anonymous August 5, 2018 at 12:34 am

    What about his latest: Sessions should fire Muller. Should, must, whatever, still sounds like obstruction to me.

    It was never about collusion.

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