This is Mitt Romney’s niece. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, has tested positive for coronavirus, an RNC spokesman announced Friday.

“After a member of her family tested positive for COVID-19, the Chairwoman was tested for the virus. On Wednesday afternoon, she got confirmation she was COVID-19 positive. She has been at her home in Michigan since last Saturday,” RNC spokesman Mike Reed said in a statement.

You may remember the McDaniel has shown up to a number of Trump rallies.

She last had contact with Trump on September 25th. 

McDaniel actually tested positive on the same day as Hope Hicks and one day before the Trumps.

GOP Senator Mike Lee has also tested positive. 

I think this is a clear indication that the virus has spread a lot farther through the Trump White House and RNC than has been previously reported.