Courtesy of The Friendly Atheist:

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne has spent the majority of this year trying to spread COVID. He held in-person church services as the pandemic was breaking, continued gathering in-person over the summer without social distancing or any kind of mask requirement, and said back in August that anyone who took a potential vaccine would “be dead within a couple of years.”

As news is emerging of vaccine breakthroughs and the very real possibility that effective shots are finally within sight, Howard-Browne urging his followers to avoid it at all costs:

… The vaccine they’re counting on is an RNA vaccine that actually changes your DNA. So they want to remove the God Factor out of people. They won’t feel God. They won’t… because a lot of the stuff was… really in the creation of the Super Soldier, which they wanted to bring about soldiers which had no emotions whatsoever. So a lot of the stuff, it’s all the End Time wicked plan of the Enemy to totally destroy humanity because he hates man…

Of course, there is no vaccine that is going to change our DNA, that is not how vaccines work, as for removing the “God factor,” well if that means people will finally stop believing in superstitious nonsense then sign me up. 

The sad part is that there are people who will listen to this idiot and not get the vaccine and that endangers all of us.