Wait, did I miss a meeting? When did we sign off on this?

Courtesy of Deadstate:

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Robert Maginnis has a warning for Christians, having recently appeared on the Up Front In The Prophetic radio program. The retired army colonel used that opportunity to tell his audience that if President Donald Trump isn’t reelected, Christians will be imprisoned and killed, Right Wing Watch reports.

Maginnis, who thinks progressives are “evil” and “mentally ill,” and has likened them to “Nazis,” has echoed this refrain before. He’s also said Hillary Clinton is “demonically influenced” and that her behavior is “psychopathic.”

On the December 31 radio program, host Francine Fosdick and Maginnis voiced their concerns.

“I really believe, Bob, that the Lord has given us a chance — a last chance — to stand for righteousness,” she said. “I believe that God has placed our beloved President Trump in the position to fight for us [so] 2020 is critical, isn’t it?”

“It’s absolutely critical,” Maginnis responded and warned that if Democrats gain control in the election they will persecute Christians. “If you’ve got the keys to the jail, you control it, and then you determine who is going to go in it and who is going to stay out of it. And I tell you, Christians are the ones who are going to go in first.”

Then he upped his warnings another notch.

“We are the salt and light in this culture, and we are the targets,” he said. “The progressives hate us to the point that they would do exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews on Kristallnacht in November of 1938. They would go after them, and they would incarcerate them, and they would kill them if possible. We’re at a turning point, and it’s a very critical turning point. People need to understand history; history has a terrible way of repeating itself.

I have often said that this country will be just fine so long as we maintain an open logic based dialogue between those supporting different political ideologies. 

So yeah, it looks like we’re fucked. 

So just for the record, NO, we liberals are not planning to lock up Christians willy nilly. 

Having said that, those who rant like lunatics abvout bizarre conspiracy theories may find themselves visiting a special building with padded walls and bars on the windows. 

But trust us that will not be due to your religious affiliations, that will be because you are fucking nuts!