And yes, he is seriously asking this question.

Courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Right-wing broadcaster Chris McDonald dedicated the first hour and a half of his “The MC Files” program last night to asserting that the recent death of former professional basketball player Kobe Bryant was an occult “ritual sacrifice” that may possibly have been orchestrated by Hillary Clinton, who everyone knows is a witch.

McDonald, an unmitigated conspiracy theorist who was recently welcomed to Capitol Hill by Republican Rep. Phil Roe of Tennessee, interviewed self-proclaimed “political occultist expert” Cory Daniel about Bryant’s death.

After Daniel asserted that Bryant was undoubtedly a witch and McDonald declared that his death was obviously a “ritual sacrifice,” McDonald asked the question that was on everybody’s mind: Could Hillary Clinton have orchestrated Bryant’s death through witchcraft?

“This is the only wild conspiracy theory I am going to ever toss out there on this program,” McDonald laughably asserted. “I normally don’t do this, but this is just a food for thought question.”

“We all know that it is pretty much a given that Mrs. HRC … is a witch,” McDonald continued. “Can a witch cast a spell on something like this to cause death and not be [known]? I’m just throwing that out. I don’t know anything about this stuff, you do. Is that possible if she wanted to get rid of Kobe? Please, Right Wing Watch, don’t be putting in that me and Cory are saying this; this is just a food for thought question. Do you think Hillary would be able to do it if she wanted to do it?”

So “everybody” knows that Hillary is a wtich? 

Does that include people who are not taking copious mounts of mind altering substances?

See this is the climate in which people start believing that Hillary Clinton murdered people, or that she is a huge crook, or that she deserves to be booed during a Bernie Sanders rally. 

First off let me just explain that witches were simply people, mostly women, who were villified by early Chirstians for continuing to embrace paganism and refusing to accept that all things were possible in Christ’s name. 

They were often midwives and healers who utilized medicinal practices and child birth techniques that did not include invoking God’s name or giving him credit for their success.

For that reason they were seen as the enemies of Christianity, which of course meant that they were followers of Satan.

Anybody using this term in a derisive manner in the 21st Century is an idiot of the first order and should be ridiculed until they skulk off and hide their head in shame. 

By the way, Hillary Clinton is a lifelong Methodist, not a Wiccan.