If true that is very good news. 

Courtesy of Bloomberg:

Researchers are finding evidence that patients who test positive for the coronavirus after recovering aren’t capable of transmitting the infection, and could have the antibodies that prevent them from falling sick again.

Scientists from the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied 285 Covid-19 survivors who had tested positive for the coronavirus after their illness had apparently resolved, as indicated by a previous negative test result. The so-called re-positive patients weren’t found to have spread any lingering infection, and virus samples collected from them couldn’t be grown in culture, indicating the patients were shedding non-infectious or dead virus particles.

The findings, reported late Monday, are a positive sign for regions looking to open up as more patients recover from the pandemic that has sickened at least 4.8 million people. The emerging evidence from South Korea suggests those who have recovered from Covid-19 present no risk of spreading the coronavirus when physical distancing measures are relaxed.

I am going to put this is the “take it with a grain of salt” category, because though this could be good news it has not been widely tested yet. 

If true it would mean that those who have already had the disease can resume their normal lives, but it also means that simply testing positive does not necessarily prove that people are infectious and that makes it harder to determine when somebody needs to be quarantined. 

Like I said I think this requires more research.