The GOP is up to the same old tired tricks. 

Courtesy of The Independent

Republicans want to recruit 50,000 volunteers in 15 crucial states to observe polling places on election day this November to ensure there is no suspicious behaviour as Americans cast their ballots.

Democrats and voting rights activists say the move to monitor polling sites is a thinly veiled attempt to harass and intimidate voters in more Democratic-leaning parts of the country in an election where voter turnout is expected to take on heightened importance as the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep millions confined to their homes.

“What will be the demographics of the neighbourhoods Republicans send these ‘poll watchers’ to, you think?” tweeted progressive strategist Adam Smith of End Citizens United, linking to the original New York Times report on the GOP’s efforts.

Study after study has debunked the GOP’s claims of rampant voter fraud among Democratic voters, particularly among immigrant and minority communities, a theory that has been pushed by Donald Trump and his campaign surrogates for roughly half a decade and has deep roots in Republican politics since at least the 1980s.

A Washington Post review of data from after the 2016 election found just four confirmed cases of voter fraud: three people who tried to vote for Mr. Trump twice — and were caught — and an election worker in Miami who was caught trying to fill in a bubble on someone else’s ballot for a local mayoral candidate.

This is another reason that we not only need to move to mail-in ballots for this election but for everyone that follows.

The Republicans cannot win without cheating, and they cannot cheat if they never win. 

We need to strip them of all of their power not just nationally, but locally as well.

And the best way to do that is to make so every American vote without fear of harassment or intimidation.