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A description of the T-shirt on the organization’s website encourages supporters to back Trump’s “efforts to help America grow,” despite Greenland’s repeated protestations that it isn’t up for grabs.

The Nevada GOP has its own version of a T-shirt, showing the caricatured countries high-fiving each other. “Greenland! This land is your land, this land is our land,” the front reads, employing the famous Woody Guthrie lyric.

If that was not troubling enough there is also news that Trump’s Greenland idea is garnering some support.

Courtesy of Politico

Donald Trump’s left-field idea to buy Greenland has been mocked by everyone from cable pundits to Danish pols — but it’s also given an internal boost to a small network of advocates in and outside the administration who have struggled to get traction for their ideas for boosting America’s ties to the frozen island territory.

Advocates of bolstering U.S. ties to Greenland see it as a way of elbowing out geopolitical rivals, namely China and Russia, that have aggressively targeted the Arctic with military bases, scientific research stations and strategic investments.

But even that now seems more difficult given that the Danish government laughed off the idea of selling the 811,000-square-mile, semi-autonomous territory, and the Greenland premier said the island was “not for sale.” The Trump administration’s outlier position on climate change is another high hurdle, given the growing evidence that Greenland’s vast ice sheets and glaciers are melting at accelerating rates.

But the lonely voices in the administration who are pushing the cause insist that boosting U.S. ties to Greenland is a worthy idea that should be taken seriously. Doing so — let alone annexing Greenland outright — would help America beat China in the race for the Arctic, they say, while expanding domestic access to critical mineral resources.

So I guess they are not satisifed with their plans to rape the shit out of Alaska, they also want to take advantage of the pristine landscape opened up in Greenland by global warming. 

It’s like the Republicans are a bunch of drunken frat boys trying to slip a date rape drug into every country’s plastic red cup of warm beer.