Wait, a Republican Senator?

Courtesy of Politico

Sen. Chuck Grassley is accusing the Trump administration of stonewalling him over a request for documents related to the Russia investigation, and he’s taking it out on the president’s nominee for a critical U.S. intelligence post.

The Iowa Republican’s demand for Justice Department documents on its probe of possible links between the Trump campaign and Moscow has left William Evanina’s nomination to head the National Counterintelligence and Security Center in limbo for the past year, frustrating the nation’s top intelligence leaders and even some fellow Senate Republicans.

Specifically, Grassley is asking for documents that he says House committees have received in their Russia probes, including those related to DOJ official Bruce Ohr, who became a conduit between former British spy Christopher Steele and the FBI. The senator recently placed a fresh hold on Evanina, who has been nominated twice and received overwhelming bipartisan support to head the agency that oversees government counterintelligence efforts.

“The administration’s continued, ongoing, and blatant lack of cooperation has forced my hand,” Grassley said in a statement in the Congressional Record, placing most of the blame on Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

Coats, a former Senate Republican colleague, is “covering for the Justice Department, and there’s something embarrassing in it all they don’t want us to know about,” Grassley, who no longer chairs the Judiciary Committee, told POLITICO.

Grassley has been a pretty vocal supporter of Trump’s, even endorsing him in 2016, but lately, it seems as if he is having buyer’s remorse and has advised Trump not to shut down the government over the wall and has criticized him over his declaration of a national emergency. 

Now it appears that Grassley would like to know if his president is a Russian asset. 

Which, by the way, is a question that I would like answered as well.