So here is what Scalise tweeted after Ocasio-Cortez talked about raising taxes on the rich to pay for her “New Green Deal.”

And this is what AOC tweeted back in response.

Now first off Scalise should know to NEVER get into a social media debate with somebody as adept in that arena as AOC. Because he will be destroyed.

And secondly, he should recognize that AOC has some very dedicated supporters.

And thirdly, he should just grow some balls, because this is what occurred right after her response.

And this is how Scalise bailed.

Now look I recognize that Scalise might be a little gun shy after literally being shot by a gun, but suggesting that somebody kick his cane is not exactly something that needs to be reported to the FBI. 

I actually think that he realized that he was going to get spanked by AOC on a public forum and used this as an excuse to hobble away with his tail between his legs. 

And personally, I am looking forward to seeing any debate that Scalise might have with AOC on the House floor because I have a feeling that she is just as adept face to face as she is in the Twitter-verse.