Yeah, like he’s getting a second term.

Courtesy of The Hill:

Republican lawmakers say they have little to no idea what President Trump’s agenda would be if he wins a second term, making it difficult for GOP candidates to coordinate campaign messages ahead of November.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said last year he wanted the 2020 election to be a referendum on socialism, but instead it’s turning into a referendum on Trump, a scenario that GOP senators wanted to avoid.

Congressional Republicans say Trump spends too much time going after critics on Twitter and not enough time articulating his vision for a possible second term. They would prefer more contrasts between their party and Democrats on issues such as taxes and regulation — areas they think could be part of a winning formula in the fall.

Instead, Republican senators say there has been little discussion about what Trump’s second term would look like, other than the assumption he might have a chance to appoint another Supreme Court justice and fill other judicial vacancies.

That lack of clarity was on display when Fox News host Sean Hannity asked Trump in a recent interview about his plans for a second term. In response, Trump gave a lengthy answer that was short on specifics.

When Hannity asked what his priorities would be for a second term, Trump talked generally about how “the word experience is a very important word” and how he didn’t know much about Washington when he was elected. He then transitioned to slamming his former national security adviser John Bolton as “an idiot” and “a sick guy.”

The lack of an agenda just four months ahead of Election Day sparked a shower of criticisms and left GOP lawmakers shaking their heads.

Lately, Trump seems to have focused on protecting Confederate monuments from “The Left” and on making people forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic. 

I would suggest that perhaps the main reason that Trump does not seem to have a coherent plan for his reelection, is that he does not really expect to win again. 

Which of course hearkens back to 2016 when he also was unprepared because he really did not expect to win then either. 

And that should serve as a reminder to all of us that just because Trump does not think he can win, does on mean he can’t win if we are not diligent.