Oh, that is very good!

Courtesy of Newsweek:

Republicans for the Rule of Law (RRL), a conservative group whose stated purpose is “defending the institutions of our republic,” will air an advertisement on Fox & Friends next week to highlight President Donald Trump’s lies following former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress.

Mueller on Wednesday testified for roughly six hours before the House Judicial and Intelligence committees about his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the 448-page report, released in April, detailing the key findings of the probe. Despite Trump’s near-constant claims of innocence and “total exoneration,” Mueller reiterated that his investigation did not exonerate the president and denied that his probe was “a witch hunt,” a term Trump has repeatedly used for months to attack its credibility.

In response, RRL will air a clip next week on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, the president’s preferred network, that will disprove Trump’s “total exoneration” claims. The video, shared with Newsweek, opens on a tweet posted by Trump after Mueller’s testimony, which reads: “TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE!,” before cutting to the former special counsel answering questions from House Judiciary committee chairman Jerrold Nadler and House Intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff.

“The president has repeatedly claimed that your report found there was ‘no obstruction’ and that it was a ‘complete and total exoneration,’ that is not what your report said, is it?” Nadler asked, to which Mueller responded: “Correct, that is not what the report said.”

“When Donald Trump called your investigation a witch hunt. Well, your investigation is not a witch hunt is it?” Schiff asked. “It is not a witch hunt,” the former special counsel flatly responded.

I think this is brilliant.

And I would love to be a fly on the wall in the homes of some of these Fox News viewers when a little truth spills out into their living rooms from their favorite Pro-Trump propaganda channel.