I wonder if the Montana Democrats will send Junior’s girlfriend a thank you card?

Courtesy of CNN:

Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte of Montana has suspended in-person campaigning for his gubernatorial bid in the state after his wife and running mate attended an event with Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. and a top fundraiser for the Trump campaign who has tested positive for coronavirus, a spokesperson for Gianforte’s campaign told CNN on Saturday.

On Tuesday, Susan Gianforte and Kristen Juras, who is running for lieutenant governor, attended an event with Guilfoyle, who tested positive in South Dakota before she was set to attend President Donald Trump’s event at Mount Rushmore Friday night.

“Out of an abundance of caution and for the health and safety of others, they will self-quarantine, be tested for COVID-19, and suspend in-person campaign events pending test results,” the spokesperson said.

Okay, my new working conspiracy theory is that the Coronavirus was developed in a Russian laboratory and then sent to the Trump family to be weaponized at campaign events and rallies. 

Sure, it’s crazy, but is it really that much crazier than anything else that is happening? 

So are we still saying that Donald Trump Jr. does NOT have the Coronavirus? 

Because that is becoming almost impossible to believe at this point.