Courtesy of Mediaite:

President Donald Trump is reportedly asking his senior aide Stephen Miller to write a speech on race relations despite Miller’s ties to white supremacists, according to a report from April Ryan.

Miller also has a past filled with sexism and ties to white supremacists. In November 2019, leaked emails between Miller and Breitbart “showcase [his] extremist, anti-immigrant ideology” as an “architect of Donald Trump’s presidency,” per the initial report. In one email, Miller was concerned that Confederate flags would be taken out of stores after Dylann Roof murdered nine black people.

When he was a teenager, Miller reportedly ran a girl’s track meet to show his “athletic supremacy” while a video of Miller joking about torture was revealed in 2017. Cable news hosts, members of the Senate, and even a former Breitbart editor have called Miller a white supremacist.

I have to admit that even I did not predict that Trump would draft his top racist to write his first speech on race relations. 

But now that it is out there, it almost seems inevitable. 

After all, Trump does not want to some starry-eyed idealist writing his speech, he wants somebody who reflects his real feelings about those uppity ingrates who came to America from shithole countries, and fail to appreciate how well they are treated by their superiors.

Oh yeah, I can hardly wait to hear this speech.