Oh, this is going to inspire some tweets. 

Courtesy of The Hill:

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said Wednesday that ousted national security adviser John Bolton “is not leaving quietly” and will return to TV to voice his displeasure with President Trump.

“He was tweeting his objections. He was texting reporters including our own reporters at the White House immediately,” Mitchell told the network’s “Morning Joe” program. “I was on the air when this all happened. It happened one minute before we started our show, so we blew everything out and just went wall-to-wall for the hour, and people were texting in and showing me their texts from John Bolton as we were rocking back and forth.”

“The fact is he is going to be very outspoken,” the veteran Washington reported added. “He is not leaving quietly at all.”

Trump tweeted Tuesday morning that he had fired Bolton, but when news broke of his dismissal, the former top White House aide texted multiple members of the media including Fox News host Brian Kilmeade to stress that he had “resigned.”

“John Bolton just texted me just now. He’s watching. And he said, ‘Let’s be clear, I resigned,’ ” Kilmeade, who was co-hosting “Outnumbered” on the network at the time, relayed on to the audience. “So John Bolton has just told me, texted me to say, ‘I resigned.’ “

Clearly Bolton does not like the narrative of how he left his job and wants to tell his side of the story on cable TV to make sure that Trump hears it.

Bolton is widely known to have a very combative personality and we have heard that there were numerous instances where he and Trump disagreed on policy so he likely has a lot to talk about. 

However I would caution my fellow progressives from making John Bolton into any kind of heroic figure. 

John Bolton is a man who never saw an opportunity to start a war that he was not willing to send young Americans to die for. 

He was one of the driving forces behind our reckless rush to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and learned no lessons from those mistakes. 

So no, John Bolton is no heroric figure. 

If he has insightful, or damaging things to say about the Trump Administration that is fine, but there should be no celebrations in his honor or acolades laid at his feet.