What a great example for his constituents.

Courtesy of Business Insider:

Rep. Tom Rice, a South Carolina Republican, announced on Monday that he, his wife, and his son had been infected with the coronavirus. But just two weeks ago, Rice appeared on the House floor in Washington without a face covering.

When CNN reporter Manu Raju asked Rice why he wasn’t wearing a mask in the chamber on May 28, the congressman said he could maintain at least 6 feet of distance from everyone on the floor and in the halls of the Capitol and therefore didn’t need to wear a mask. COVID-19 can spread even from asymptomatic carriers.

“I do wear it sometimes on the floor,” he told Raju in May. “I make an effort to … stay 6 feet away from folks in accordance with guidelines. And when I’m forced into a situation where I can’t do that — like on a plane — I do wear a mask.”

Rice announced in a Monday Facebook post that he and his family had contracted the virus and were recovering from COVID-19, which he referred to as the “Wuhan Flu.”

“I wanted to let you know that all 3 members of our household: Wrenzie, our son Lucas, and I all have the Wuhan Flu. We are all on the mend and doing fine,” Rice wrote. “COVID-19 is a serious, sometimes deadly illness. We, however, have fared well.”

Rice said that while the virus was “not bad for me,” his son suffered from “a high fever and really bad cough.” The congressman may have already contracted the virus, and could have spread it to others, when he spent time in the halls of Congress in late May.

So not only did this buffoon allow himself to get infected, but he then infected his own family, and exposed his colleagues in Congress, all because he was too ignorant to mask up. 

I think that nobody should be allowed to walk into a store, board a plane, enter a restaurant, or certainly walk the halls of Congress without masks.

And if we had competent leadership that would be the damn law. 

Once again I do not care if this guy dies writhing in agony, he may be too damn stupid to live anyway, but his wife and his son deserve a better husband and father than this.