Rep. Eric Swalwell reveals how Rep. Devin Nunes buried evidence potentially harmful to Donald Trump.

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Rep. Eric Swalwell is on the House Intelligence Committee headed by Devin Nunes who ran their own investigation into Russian collusion.

And this is from his op-ed published in The Fresno Bee:

Nunes and committee Republicans had promised that the American people would see our interview transcripts after the investigation was completed. When they abruptly ended the investigation without calling dozens of relevant witnesses, they voted to conceal the transcripts.

Suddenly, last month, Nunes agreed to release them. Perhaps he was worried about the burgeoning campaign of his Democratic opponent — a local prosecutor named Andrew Janz, whose argument to the voters includes powerful evidence of Nunes’ efforts to poison the Russia investigation.

But predictably, at a hearing last week on releasing the transcripts, Nunes still wouldn’t allow real transparency.

Committee Democrats asked to immediately send the transcripts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who hasn’t been allowed to see them under Nunes’ rules. There’s good reason to believe many witnesses committed perjury or offered information relevant to the special counsel’s work. But Nunes opposed it, and it was voted down.

Committee Democrats then moved to have the transcripts released to the public immediately — after a 10-day intelligence community review — to avoid any selective release or other political manipulation. Again, Nunes opposed this.

This is his modus operandi. Though incomplete due to Republican obstruction, our investigation did reveal worrisome contacts between the Russians and candidate Trump, his family, his businesses, and his campaign. Yet every time we sought to learn more, we were blocked.

We sought to test witnesses’ accounts by subpoenaing third-party records such as cell phone, bank and travel records. Republicans refused to allow it.

To arrange the infamous June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting, Donald Trump Jr. called his Russian contact, then called a blocked number, and then called his Russian contact back. We had evidence from other witnesses that Donald Trump used a blocked number. Republicans refused to pursue whether it was the same number.

The Republicans ran a “take them at their word” investigation when most of the Trump team clearly didn’t deserve that benefit of the doubt. So at last week’s hearing, I moved to subpoena many of the records that could fill a lot of the gaps. Nunes nixed it.

Swalwell goes on to say that the committee also uncovered evidence showing that Putin’s favorite Congressman Dana Rohrabacher had multiple contacts with the Russians during the 2015-2016 campaign but Nunes also nixed releasing transcripts of his interviews. 

Now honestly none of this should surprise any of us after all Nunes has had his nose up Trump’s ass since day one, but it does illustrate how important it is to get a Democratic majority into the House ASAP. 

And by the way, Nunes himself has a very strong challenger in the form of Democrat Andrew Janz who just raised a whopping 4.3 million dollars in the third quarter, so there is a good chance that his days are numbered as well. 

Once we get a Democratic majority in Congress we might actually learn the truth about the Russian collusion without the Republicans in the way constantly running interference for Donald Trump.  

In other words vote, vote early, and vote aggressively. 

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  1. Anonymous October 7, 2018 at 4:56 am

    Nunes also likes to keep the so called family farm a secret. most of his family moved to Iowa and use illegal alliens to keep the farm running.

    • Nikogriego October 7, 2018 at 8:12 am

      “illegal alliens (sic)?” Please don’t use that term, it is offensive. “Undocumented workers” would be a more accurate term.

  2. anon October 7, 2018 at 7:57 am

    “The Apprentice.” “Russia, if you’re listening?”
    it is researched and sourced at vastly more depth than any other book on the subject to date, and as Miller puts it, almost every page features a nugget of new reporting or reveals a previously hidden connection.

    The “smoking gun” that explains Trump’s obvious and puzzling subservience to Putin is no secret, and has been visible the whole time.”

    John Brennan, the CIA director, becomes convinced that Russia’s playing a bigger game here and they’re doing something that is much more dangerous than anybody realizes.-He gets to McConnell, starts to lay out the evidence, what Russia’s doing, they’re trying to help Trump, they’re really messing things up. McConnell not only says he will not go along with calling out Putin, he then warns, “I am however prepared to call you out and and call out Obama if you try to do this, if you try to say that Russia’s helping Trump. I’ll accuse you of interfering in the election. I’m not prepared to accuse Russia of doing that.”

    Anti-institutional people. I mean, Trump and others have intentionally tried to damage the standing and credibility of very critical institutions. That is a major theme of the book.

    He spent a long time in reality television, he knows that’s how it works. The reveal has to be delayed.
    this sort of occurred to me in Helsinki, where I was in the room when Trump had his summit with Putin, and that crazy press conference, is that Putin has something that seems far more precious over Trump. He knows exactly how far Russia went to interfere in the American election. there’s this fiction that Trump holds onto most ferociously, that the Russian interference wasn’t real. “Don’t you dare taint my victory. I won this election. It was all me.”

  3. Anonymous October 7, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Janz has a good chance of unseating Nunez but it has nothing to do with Nunez obstruction of the Russia investigation or Trump. It’s all about local water issues. Nunez is a big bag of hot air that talks about improving the local water issues but hasn’t done a damned thing and the local are tired of it. Janz has a plan and he has the balls to attack Nunez on it and other issues. This is why Janz is doing so well. He listens, he shows concerned for the issues that the people care about and he has a plan to address them.

    You’ll notice this action of listening to constituents and addressing their concerns, then expressing your plans on how to solve this problems is how a LOT Of challengers are overturning incumbents.

    Gee. Maybe the Democratic leadership ought to pay attention and change their tactics. Then maybe they’ll stop LOSING.

  4. Anonymous October 8, 2018 at 12:14 am

    After 16 years the Fresno Bee has dropped their endorsement of Nunes.

    They’re endorsing Andrew Janz.

    The paper slammed Nunes for protecting Trump and his vote on healthcare but that isn’t going to defeat Nunes. It will be about water.

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