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MARIA BARTIROMO (HOST): I want to get into, really, your investigation into China, which goes back years, which you and I have spoken about in the past. But first, give us your take on the administration’s response to coronavirus.

REP. DEVIN NUNES (R-CA): Well most importantly, I think what American people have to understand is we need to stop panicking here, OK? There’s no shortage of food in this country. People don’t need to go to the store and fight over a bottle of water or toilet paper. I come from the breadbasket of the world, right here in the San Joaquin Valley. We want people to go out and buy food, but there’s no shortage of food. The main thing that people need to focus on — it’s just a couple of issues. Number one, if you’re sick, at all, be smart. Stay away from people. Number two, if you know someone that is senior, or if you have an underlying health condition, especially with your lungs, you are at high risk. So we need to focus all of our energy, on our senior population with underlying health concerns. There is no reason, Maria, for the American people to be running to the grocery store, to buy 27 packs of toilet paper. OK? There’s no shortage of toilet paper, no shortage of food, OK? And that’s coming from someone who — we want you to buy food, OK?

BARTIROMO: Right, I understand.

NUNES: And I’ll just say this too. I’ll just say this too. You know, you were just talking about the economy, and where there’s a lot of concerns with the economy here, because people are scared to go out. But I will just say, one of the things you can do — if you’re healthy, you and your family, it’s a great time to just go out, go to a local restaurant —


NUNES: Likely you can get in easily. There’s — you know, let’s not hurt the working people in this country, that are relying on wages and tips to keep their small business going.

BARTIROMO: You know, we’re very sympathetic —

NUNES: Don’t run to the —

BARTIROMO: Understood.

NUNES: Yeah, just don’t run to the grocery store and buy, you know, $4,000 of food.

BARTIROMO: Right, they’re cleaning off the shelves.

NUNES: Go, you know, go to your local pub, yeah.

Yeah, the reason you can easily get seats in a restaurant or pub right now is because most intelligent people are making the smart choice of staying home to take care of themselves and help to slow down the spread of the virus. 

By the way anybody who would actually take the advice of a Trump supporter on this pandemic, or anything really, should probably get a mental health screening. 

Speaking of Nunes how are all of those lawsuits coming?

Courtesy of WaPo:

To be specific, Nunes has sued:

McClatchy. CNN. Hearst Magazines. Fusion GPS. Republican strategist Liz Mair. A watchdog group, Campaign for Accountability. An organic fruit farmer who called Nunes a “fake farmer.” Twitter. A parody Twitter account called “Devin Nunes’ Mom.” A fictitious bovine on Twitter called “Devin Nunes’ Cow.” (“Like Devin Nunes’ Mom, Devin Nunes’ Cow engaged in a defamation campaign,” he alleged in court.)

Nunes has, through his lawyer, also sent a menacing legal letter to a Fresno County, Calif., deputy district attorney who previously ran against Nunes to cease his support for “the @DevinCow Twitter account.” And he has threatened to sue fellow Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.). Lieu’s reply: “Take your letter and shove it.”

Former Nunes staffer (now administration official) Kash Patel, using the same lawyer, has sued Politico.

And now, Nunes has sued The Post.

That’s a lot of litigation for a guy who co-sponsored the Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act of 2017. No contagion will stop this man from having his (many) day(s) in court.

I’m not a lawyer, but there seems to be an obvious problem with Nunes’s strategy. He generally sues for defamation, but nobody could make Nunes look worse than his own lawsuits do. They read less like legal pleadings than ALL CAPS social media rants.

“Bezos failed to defeat the GOP in 2016, in spite of WaPo’s notoriously libelous reporting,” proclaims his $250 million lawsuit against The Post. “Bezos and his printing press remain desperate to defame the President of the United States and his allies in Congress.” He goes on to say one particular “WaPo Hit Piece is another example of opposition research published by WaPo and [Shane] Harris acting as alter egos for others, including [Adam] Schiff.”

The other lawsuits are similarly bombastic. “CNN is the mother of fake news. It is the least trusted name,” alleges that lawsuit. “CNN is eroding the fabric of America, proselytizing, sowing distrust and disharmony. It must be held accountable.”

And McClatchy: “Nunes endured a multi-front, orchestrated defamation campaign of stunning breadth and scope, one that no human being should ever have to bear and suffer in their whole life.”

And Hearst: “The Defendants’ had an axe to grind against Plaintiff, and wrote the hit piece in order to accomplish a nefarious purpose. Defendants’ misconduct exemplifies the very worst of modern ‘journalism.’”

And the cow: “Devin Nunes’ cow has made, published and republished hundreds of false and defamatory statements of and concerning Nunes, including the following: Nunes is a ‘treasonous cowpoke’…’Devin’s boots are full of manure. He’s udder-ly worthless and its pasture time to move him to prison’; ‘Devin is whey over his head in crime’…” (Since the filing, @DevinCow has gone from 1,000 followers to 697,000.)

Yeah seriously what kind of moron would take health advice from this guy, and what does it say about a so-called news organization that they provided him a platform to give it?