I watched this in absolute amazement last night because it ties together a number of concerning tidbits about Deutsche bank and Trump and Jared Kushner. 

Here is a few more details from the book courtesy of NYT:

One of the bank’s more troubling activities was laundering billions of Russian rubles (via sham transactions known as “mirror trades”) into U.S. dollars. Then there was client Trump. Enrich’s portrait isn’t new, but it makes for painful reading: the smooth persuasions, the obsequious flatteries, the lying about his net worth to garner loans for office buildings, resorts, casinos.

When Deutsche’s real estate team cut off Trump, private banking opened the spigot. When a loan came due, Trump had “no intention” of repaying, as if the rules for him were different. Deutsche’s brass was so in thrall to Trump’s celebrity, and so eager to expand in America, one division lent $48 million to cancel the debt on a Chicago skyscraper — a debt Trump had defaulted on with another wing of the same bank. They bought his pitch as voters would. In what could serve as a requiem for the country’s lost innocence, the general counsel said, “What the hell are we doing lending money to a guy like this?”


Enrich’s most tantalizing nugget is that in the summer of 2016, Jared Kushner’s real estate company (which received lavish financing from Deutsche) was moving money to various Russians. A bank compliance officer filed a “suspicious activity report,” but the report was quashed and she was fired. The suggestion that maybe the money was payback for Russian campaign meddling isn’t one that Enrich can prove.

The author may not be able to prove that Jared Kushner was sending money to Russia to pay for their help with the 2016 election, but the circumstantial evidence is farly convincing. 

House Democrats have tried repeatedly to subpoena financial records from Deutsche Bank but the last we heard the Supreme Court had placed a temporary block on that request back in December. 

I think once that block is lifted that we will see all kinds of things that Trump is deserpate to keep us from seeing. 

And one of those things might just be that Trump paid Russia to help him in 2016, and used his son-in-law as his go between.