We know about all of these, in fact, we were probably horrified when each one was revealed, but then it was quickly replaced by the next one and faded from memory. 

What Trump has managed to do is to cause a kind of scandal burnout, which keeps us from responding to a new scandal with any sense of outrage of shock. 

I don’t think that Trump has done this purposefully, it is just who he has been for his entire adult life. 

Trump is a singularly toxic individual who attracts scandals like shit attracts flies. 

Any one of these should have ended his presidency, and instead, he piles them up as a barrier against the next potentially harmful revelation. 

I think that political scientists will study the Trump presidency for decades and never really be able to explain exactly how he managed to survive. 

I just hope and pray that they never have to try to explain how he won a second term.