So yesterday afternoon I was anticipating a post like this to give all of you an overview of the batshit crazy lies and misstatements uttered by Donald Trump during the G7.

To be honest I was kind of dreading it as there was just so many ridiculous statements made that I did not think I could possibly catch them all. 

Then last night I watched Rachel Maddow’s show and saw that she had the same idea and with her crack research team did a far better job than I could possibly have done on my own. 

I will also provide this link to the Washington Post article on Trump’s G7 visit and provide a few exerpts from it for those who do not want to watch the entire video. 

Here are a few of the top batshit comments made by Trump according to the article: 

1) In four days, Trump imposed new tariffs on China, called the country’s president an “enemy,” admitted “second thoughts” on the escalating trade war, reversed course hours later to say he only wished he had raised the tariffs higher, and then vowed a deal would be coming soon — because China wants one desperately, in the president’s telling. Doesn’t that make it harder, a reporter asked, to make a deal?

“Sorry, it’s how I negotiate,” he said. “It’s been very successful over the years.”

2) Trump claimed to have gotten two phone calls on Sunday night from high-ranking Chinese officials seeking to negotiate a trade deal. “High-level calls,” he said. Chinese government officials said Monday that they were unaware of any such calls. When Trump asked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to back him up, Mnuchin would only say there had been “communication,” avoiding the word “call.” The treasury secretary quickly interjected again Monday afternoon to add “communications.”

3) Although he said French President Emmanuel Macron asked his permission to invite Iran’s foreign minister to the G-7, Macron said that he simply “informed” Trump in advance of his plan and that it was Macron’s idea alone.

4) At length, he boasted about his private properties. Trump refused to divest, unlike many of his predecessors, and has profited from an influx of Republican fundraisers and other political events. Questioned about the propriety of profiting from next year’s summit of world leaders, he batted down any concern.

“I don’t want to make money,” he said. “I don’t care about making money.”

His resort in Miami, he said, would make a terrific locale for the G-7 because of its bungalows, proximity to the airport, large ballrooms and substantial parking.

“Biggest ballrooms in Florida,” he said.

5) “What’s England? What’s happening with England? They don’t use it too much anymore,” Trump says he told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

6) He showed no concern that the North Korean dictator had violated U.N. resolutions by firing missiles, instead saying that Kim would not personally disappoint Trump. In a long-winded answer, Trump nodded to his wife, Melania, and claimed she had gotten to know Kim Jong Un very well; the White House later acknowledged that Kim and the U.S. first lady have never met.

To be honest that is not even all of them.

I left out the part where Trump lied about President Obama being outsmarted by Putin, because I covered that yesterday. And there were a few other bizarre things I left out as well. 

All in all Trump’s mental health problems were on full display during this summit, and from the look on the faces of some of the other world leaders they did not fail to notice. 

To be blunt, despite your political leanings, if you are still supporting a second term for this escaped mental patient you are by definition a traitor to your country.